5 Of The Most Common Problems Your AC Can Present


5 Of The Most Common Problems Your AC Can Present

5 Of The Most Common Problems Your AC Can Present

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If you own an Air Conditioner system at home, or if there’s one at your workplace, you know how enjoyable those extremely hot summer days can be when you stay indoors. On the other hand, everything has ups and downs. Complications down the line are always going to happen. If you’re prepared, they can be averted and you may be able to make the most out of everything. Aside from being great advice for life in general, prevention results extremely helpful in almost everything we can think of, and Air Conditioning systems are never the exception. We’d like to share with you today some of the most common HVAC problems in Mesa, AZ so that you’re never caught off-guard and always stay fresh.

The Wiring

As with everything that works with electricity, bad wiring can and will bring problems to your household. A faulty wire can pose a fire hazard, not to mention that the system won’t work as it should, or not at all. We at Weather Masters, Inc. sell only high-quality and certified units to ensure this sort of issue never takes place when you need your AC the most.

The Refrigerant

If you’re new to AC systems, or just don’t know how they work, you might not be aware that the refrigerant is the chemical that cools off the air in the unit. If you need to recharge it, it’s extremely likely that you have a leak and should be addressed immediately. Most problems with the refrigerant can happen due to low levels of its liquid chemical or leaking of it. Make sure if you notice something out of order with this particular piece, to have it checked only by professionals AC service Mesa since not doing so might end up causing even bigger problems.

The Outside Fan

It’s one of the most important things you should have an eye on. By being outside, the fan is more exposed to risks and therefore it can present problems more often. Its function is to help the whole system bring the heat in the house out to the exterior. If it starts failing, the compressor system might overheat causing further damage to the unit.

The Outside Unit

When the outside unit starts to present problems, it might indicate that there’s something wrong with the thermostat or that there’s a lack of power which is usually the case. Also, as an element that is constantly exposed to outer factors, it’s widely advised to keep it clean and free of any sort of objects blocking it. As pretty as your modern unit might be, it’s only meant to work with the AC system, so avoid hanging or putting heavy objects on it or damage may occur.

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The Coil

The most usual problem with the coil is that it might freeze. If this happens, it could be a sign of something blocking the airflow or that the filters need to be changed. If the indoor coil is the one that freezes, it might also indicate that the refrigerant might be running low.

In order to avoid these HVAC problems in Mesa AZ, we advise having regular preventive checks. It will save you time and money in the future. We at AC companies Phoenix are proud of our high-quality equipment and service, so if your AC is presenting problems or you’d like us to give it a look give us a call at (480) 832-9659. Better safe than sorry!

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