5 Things Cooler Than Expensive AC Bills


5 Things Cooler Than Expensive AC Bills

When those first energy bills start rolling in during the hottest months of the year, it’s hard to look on the bright side of things. Weather Masters, Inc. is committed to helping you keep it cool this summer. Forget about the heat (after wiping that glaze from your brow) and check out our list of things way, way cooler than those pesky energy bills.

Saving Money with Weather Masters, Inc.

Mesa AZ air conditioner repair has a reputation for being costly, but we count ourselves as an exception to the rule. Need your AC evaluated? Offering legendary service valley residents have come to depend on, our technicians won’t try to nickel and dime you – scout’s honor. We keep you cool without setting fire to your purse strings, saving you money for more important things – like giant inflatable pool alligators.

Elephants Can’t Jump

Have you ever seen an elephant jump? We haven’t either. Researchers believe elephants are the only mammal incapable of jumping – so you probably shouldn’t be looking to join up with one for a basketball game anytime soon.

Visiting the Waterpark

What would summer be without the timeless trek to the waterpark? While we’re experts at keeping people cool indoors, for our money, there’s no better place to keep cool outdoors than at the bottom of a 20-foot neon waterslide. Pro tip: discounted tickets are available for Sunsplash and Big Surf through stores like Costco.

Family Movies on Netflix

The oppressive summer heat can keep us confined indoors where activities are scarce. If you have an active Netflix account, instant streaming movies are available to while away the dull hours. We recommend movies including Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Avengers, and Lilo& Stitch!

A ‘Jiffy’ is 1/100th of a 1 Second

Which is about the same amount of time it takes for you to be satisfied with Weather Masters, Inc. expert AC service Mesa! Give us a call today and start keeping cool.

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Terri L.

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Chris was on time, completed the repair, checked out the unit and gave me a detailed explanation of what the problem was. He is friendly …

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Chris is fantastic! He communicates very well and does a great job.

Nicole P.

Best company every, honest, great pricing, reliable and great customer service.

MisoLaki G.

The best AZ has to offer. Remarkable customer service, Keith and Kellie went above and beyond to keep my home nice and cool. Thanks again, …

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I have used Weather Masters for several years. Yesterday I had a good experience with HVAC Repair Tech Keith who was able to describe what …