AC Installation Service Tempe, AZ


AC Installation Service Tempe, AZ

Best Practices for AC Installation Service Tempe, AZ

The heating and cooling system of your home will be doomed if the installation is not well done and this can lead to defects that can be costly to repair. For AC installation service Tempe, AZ residents and homeowners can check for the best practices below.

Getting the Right Size of Equipment

Sizing a new AC is a critical step to ensuring efficiency as an undersized unit will not cool your home efficiently and oversized equipment will be costly when it comes to cooling capability, equipment longevity, and humidity control. A competent technician can assess your needs, inspect your home, and guide you in choosing the right size of an AC.

Checking the Ductwork

The existing duct system must be properly assessed and any deficiencies handled before the installation. You don’t want to have air-conditioned air losses of up to 30%. A good technician will fix damaged duct areas.

Ensuring that Airflow Rates Are Correct

The technician should ensure that the level of airflow through the system is within the range that is specified by the manufacturer. Note that the key system components of your AC can be damaged over time if the airflow is not properly regulated. This can lead to a system breakdown that can require costly repairs contact us for AC installation Phoenix.

The Refrigerant Levels

When doing a new AC installation, it is absolutely important to ensure that the right levels of refrigerant are charged into the system. Too much or too little refrigerant can put a lot of strain on your AC unit which can lead to system inefficiency and high energy bills.

AC installation is as important as preventive maintenance and working with a competent AC technician can make a huge difference. It is important to enlist the help of an HVAC contractor from the moment you consider buying an AC system. AC Dudes is one of the best AC companies in Phoenix to consider when it comes to choosing and installing the right AC system for your home.

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