AC Leaks Need Urgent Attention


AC Leaks Need Urgent Attention

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When your air conditioning is leaking it’s important to get it looked at as soon as possible. Given the situation, it’s surprising how many people call us saying their air conditioner is leaking and when we ask them for a few further details to assess the service they need, they occasionally report it’s been leaking for a while, sometimes so long they don’t remember!

At Weather Masters, Inc. we want to provide the local community with hassle-free, affordable air conditioning repair Phoenix so there’s never any need to leave leaks or any other AC issue unattended. Leaks are actually the most common AC problem nationwide with more than 90% of all repair queries are related to the subject. For such a widespread issue, many of our customers aren’t too sure what a leaky air conditioner actually signals. Have a look at our mini-guide below that debunks AC leaks and how our team tackles this sort of issue.

Leaks 101

It’s important to report leaks as soon as you notice them as they can actually do an extreme amount of damage to your unit if left to fester. The first thing a technician will do is pinpoint the source of your leak, the cause and placement of leaks vary depending on the size, location, and age of the system itself.

Often these are caused by bad weather if your unit is housed outdoors and water has managed to enter the cabinet or in the case of a central air handler being placed in your ceiling, the downward dripping can be easy if it’s had enough time to build up and overflow which can wreak havoc with the structural integrity of your property, hence why it’s best to call in a professional HVAC contractor, they’re fully licensed and insured to carry out inspection and air conditioning repair Scottsdale, AZ the last thing you want to do is void your homeowner’s insurance trying to locate the leak yourself.

air conditioning repair in Scottsdale AZ

Testing, Causes, and Fixing

All technicians will do a pan test with an industrial flashlight to see if the AC pan that’s meant to catch condensation is damaged. In the instance that the leak is not found close to the source of the leak, our team is fully equipped with micro cameras to do a more thorough internal search of the main pipes and vents. Often a hole or dent or duct leak is found and easily repairable with the right parts and can usually be done the same day.

The internal AC components will also be checked and occasionally the problem lies in a clogged filter, which when dirty allows ice to form on the evaporator coils, hence the leak. The last and most common culprit is usually discovered in the condensate line – this is a pipe that connects the overflow pan we mentioned above directly to the outdoor drainpipe, if it becomes backed up, the undrained water pressure can cause leaks.

Your technician will be able to remove the blockage with a professional-grade air pump. To stop this issue from occurring, your technician will make sure during your air conditioning contractors Phoenix that your AC’s water overflow switch is turned on to alert you to any water collecting in your unit before any future leaks arise. Contact us about your leak and other repair concerns on (480) 832-9659.

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