A/C Maintenance Phoenix, AZ


A/C Maintenance Phoenix, AZ

When our air conditioners in Phoenix, AZ start working hard to keep the inside cool and fresh, that strain can wreak havoc on the moving parts in the A/C system. Especially if it isn’t working at peak efficiency. So take the time to do some preventive maintenance. This can be the difference between enjoying the cool and sweating a costly service call.

Check and Change Air Filters

While many air filters have an average life of 3 months, it’s important that you check them each month during long periods of hot weather. With your air conditioning repair Phoenix working harder and longer due to the extended heat, filters fill with particles faster. Dirty filters force your system to work twice as hard to push cool air through your home. This uses more energy and places extra strain on the air conditioning system. Take the filter(s) out and hold it to the light. If the dust on the filter is so thick that you can’t see much light shining through the filter, it’s time for new filters. A clean air filter, unobstructed by dirt and other debris, will save you money on energy costs and prolong the life of your air conditioner in Phoenix, AZ. If you do not know where your air filters are or how to replace them, ask your HVAC technician to show you during an inspection.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean and Clear

For safety, always turn the thermostat and outdoor unit’s breaker off before doing any workaround to that outdoor unit. Once everything’s off, go ahead and check the unit for anything blocking the unit’s sides or top. Remove any plant growth, grass clippings, or debris caught in the coil walls. Cottonwood is a big clogging culprit this time of year.

The coil can be cleaned using a soft-bristle brush to gently sweep the fins. Always brush in line with the fins, and be gentle because the fins can bend easily. Because the fan pulls air through these fins, you can expect to find dust clinging to the fins. Removing this dust and other debris will reduce resistance and increase efficiency.

Prune or remove any shrubs or other growth that is touching or close to the unit. Do not use a weed eater or other powered cutting tool that might damage the fins. Garden shears or some other type of hand clippers are recommended.

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