AC Repair Services and Preparation for Winter in Arizona


AC Repair Services and Preparation for Winter in Arizona

For many years, Arizona has been a destination for snowbirds flying in from the northern parts of the United States. But many AZ residents can tell you that it still gets pretty darn cold — especially in places like Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and the Grand Canyon National Park. While snowfall may be rare in the metropolitan areas of Arizona, it’s still important to prepare your AC unit for a drop in temperature. Before it gets too cold, you’ll want to implement the following air conditioning repair Phoenix and preparations:

Find the Circuit

If you’re planning on turning off your AC unit for the winter, it’s important to find the circuit and turn the switch to “off,” keeping your unit from turning on if there’s an irregular increase in temperature during the winter.

Wash out your AC Unit

While the unit is off, take a hose and wash out any debris that may have fallen inside during the summer monsoons. Things like bird droppings, leaves, and dirt can be harmful to your unit when it comes time to turn it back on when the Arizona heat returns in March or April. Make sure your unit is completely dry before turning it back on.

Cover the Unit

While snow and ice are a rather uncommon occurrence here in the Valley, it’s still important to cover your unit to protect it from rain or other debris that might creep into your unit while it’s off during the winter months.

Cover Remaining Areas with Foam

This tip is especially helpful to those with homes in the northern parts of the state: After cleaning and covering your AC unit, be sure to cover any piping running into the house with foam covering pipe insulations.

For more information on how you can protect your AC unit during the winter, call air conditioning contractors Phoenix — your Arizona AC repair service experts!

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