Are You Selling Your Home? An Air Conditioner Can Improve Its Value Considerably


Are You Selling Your Home? An Air Conditioner Can Improve Its Value Considerably

Are You Selling Your Home? An Air Conditioner Can Improve Its Value Considerably

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When selling a home, its value is among the important things. The higher the value of your home, the more money you will get after selling it. This is why a considerable number of homeowners today try to improve the value of their homes by carrying out various home improvement projects prior to selling the home. A modern air conditioner in proper working condition is one of the things that can increase the value of your home significantly today.

As such, you should consider hiring a qualified AC installation phoenix, Tempe, AZ contractor to install a new AC system or repair and maintain the current one before selling the home. Discussed below are some of the top HVAC tips that will help you improve the pre-sell value of your home today.

Have the System Cleaned and Maintained

According to the leading HVAC manufacturers in the country, heating and cooling systems should be cleaned and maintained at least once every six months. While this is the standard requirement, some homeowners forget to have their systems maintained by a professional for a year or two.

Forgetting to have the system maintained and cleaned periodically by knowledgeable professionals is going to lower the value of your home. If this is the case for the home you are about to sell, you should hire our experts, at AC companies Phoenix  (AC Dudes) to tune up the system, clean it and maintain it before listing the property for sale.

The professionals will also advise you on whether you need to have the system replaced or not prior to selling the home. If the current heating and cooling system are too old, it will also lower the value of your home. Once the system has been cleaned, maintained, and tuned up, you should remember to get a written report from the professional contractor. You should then use this report to document HVAC servicing for potential buyers to see.

Upgrade the System, If Need Be

As mentioned above, the age of your HVAC system will also affect the pricing of your home. Currently, most of the new homebuyers are looking for energy-efficient homes. As such, a home that has a modern and highly efficient heating and cooling system will be very attractive to potential buyers.

This is particularly the case because new homeowners do not want to incur costs repairing or replacing equipment in their new homes. Our AC service Phoenix, Tempe, AZ technicians can evaluate your current system and propose upgrades that will not only improve the value of your property but will also make the home more attractive to potential buyers.

At AC Dudes, we always try to enlighten our clients and encourage them to have a bigger picture of their HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance projects. As such, our AC installation service Tempe, AZ experts can advise you on the various things that you need to carry out on your HVAC system in order to improve the value and appeal of your home prior to selling. To benefit from our expertise and professional HVAC services, call us today at (480) 832-9659.

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