Avoid Boo-Boos with your A/C During the Summer Heat

Here are a few tips you may not know about on how to get the best performance out of your air conditioner this summer:

  • Don’t turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees when you leave your house for a few hours because you won’t save money. If you are gone just a short time, you will be running your air conditioner forever once you get home and lower the temperature. What happens is that everything in the house – including the walls and furniture – will heat up and need cooling down. Save those settings in the 80s for when you’ve gone on a long trip.
  • Be sure to change the filters on the air intake for your HVAC system more frequently in summer, particularly when it’s really hot and dusty outside. Your air conditioner will run more efficiently if you have a clean filter. If you are experiencing hot areas in your home, you should contact an air conditioning specialist, air conditioning contractors Phoenix.
  • Don’t shut off air conditioning vents in one room that seems cooler than others. When you do that, you can create extra pressure on your HVAC system. It can actually cause air to leak through the ducts in your attic, wasting energy and money. If you are having trouble with hot spots in your house, you should have an air conditioning professional such as our technicians here at Weather Masters Inc. look at your whole system and see if some repairs can be made in the ducts.

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