Air ducts, also known as ductwork, is an integral part of your central air conditioning system. It delivers conditioned air throughout your home. Usually located in the attic, basement or craw space of your home, Air Ducts are constructed of fiber glass, sheet metal or other materials.

One of the most common problems with air-conditioning ducts is that they leak. In fact, leaking air ducts is the biggest source of energy loss in many homes and can account up to 30% of your heating and cooling costs!

So, make sure your air ducts are sealed correctly!

Places where ducts leak the most are at joints and where ducts come together at the seams. Duct and foil tape becomes dried-out and therefore looses it sealing ability.

It’s best to seal your ducts with mastic. Mastic is a thick paste which is used on all types of ducts for a permanent seal. It is sold in caulk tubs and buckets. Mastic should be placed around all duct joints and seams over the foil or duct tape.

Another major problem with air ducts that can affect your air conditioner not running efficiently is the size of the duct work. If it’s installed too small, it can be noisy and makes your air conditioner work hard since it is pushing air through too small an area. Conversely, if it’s installed too large, it will not be able to maintain enough force to push it correctly throughout the house.