Fed up of Smell From AC – Read About Few Steps on How to Deal With It?


Fed up of Smell From AC – Read About Few Steps on How to Deal With It?

The nose is our sense organ, so it likes a good, soothing smell. Be it the smell at home, in the workplace, in a car, or anywhere a person goes, the odor of the place needs to be pleasant. Just like the same way, when you come to your room on a hot summer day, and you turn on your AC, you expect a good smell to come out from it.

But it sometimes happens that an annoying smell comes out from the AC and spoils the whole mood. The best thing is that you can get rid of this smell without getting irritated, just like you get rid of any other bad smell you deal with. Below are some ways to deal with an annoying smell from an AC where you can avail of AC repair in Scottsdale.

Reasons Why Bad Smell Comes From Your AC And Its Solutions:

  • AC smells like feet: Most of the time, you get the smell of stinky socks or feet while dealing with dirty or clogged air conditioners. It happens when the sitting water does not drain properly. It gets collected and begins to smell.
    Solution: Thorough cleaning of the water tank will take away all the smells.
  • AC smells like exhaust fumes: Your air conditioner isn’t gas-powered, so people always wonder where this type of smell could be coming from. It usually happens because there are fluids in the engine and other parts of the AC, which may leak out and cause exhaust fumes.
    Solution: If you are dealing with this problem, rather than doing it yourself, call a professional to be on the safe side.
  • AC smells like gunpowder: If your AC unit’s fan motor or circuit board got shorted out, then you may smell a burning scent. This scent exactly smells like gunpowder.
    Solution: If you are facing this problem, then make sure your unit functions properly and regularly. If this solution doesn’t solve the problem, then call the professionals to deal with it.
  • AC smells like rotten eggs: If you turn on your AC and your room smells like spoiled eggs, then it may be due to the odor of a dead animal. The air that the AC sucks from the outer atmosphere enters your whole house once the AC is turned on.
    Solution: If you are facing this problem, then the ducts of the AC needs to be cleaned by a professional to get rid of any rotten smell.
  • AC smells like a skunk: This smell tells that you have a gas leak in your system. There is a specific gas that smells like skunk spray, and if that enters the duct, it may cause the whole area to smell like that.
    Solution: This is a dangerous gas and may put you and your family at risk. It is better to evacuate the house and contact the particular company to solve the issue as soon as possible.

We have explained to you all the reasons for the annoying smell coming out from your AC and also provided solutions for it. If you are still facing any problem, then avail of air conditioning repair Phoenix services from Weather Masters, Inc we are one of the best AC companies Phoenix. by giving a call at (480) 832-9659 now.

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