How to Increase The Efficiency of Your AC?


How to Increase The Efficiency of Your AC?

Looking at the monthly electricity bill can be daunting if you’re on a tight budget. Air conditioners and other HVAC units are responsible for almost 40% of your fuel consumption, and sadly, you can easily see this in your monthly budget.

Thankfully, there are ways to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency so that you’re saving a little more money and fuel every month. Read on to know more about the seven different ways by which one can easily increase the efficiency of their air conditioning unit!

7 Ways to Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency:

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Many people believe that you can reduce your bills by never changing the thermostat temperatures. Unfortunately, this is not true. If you have a manual thermostat in your home, reducing the temperature by 7-10°F for 6-8 hours, every autumn and spring can easily save you 10% annually.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats were designed to make your HVAC system efficient. They can easily detect and maintain the temperature of your home. So, instead of constantly checking up on the temperature, you can easily install it to ensure the temperature is maintained and the AC doesn’t use too much electricity.

7 Ways to Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency:

Vacuum Your Vents

If your Arizonian house comes with an in-built ventilation system, you can hire AC services in Phoenix to inspect your ducts. You can also vacuum your ducts regularly to remove any dirt or clogging. This will easily increase the airflow!

Insulate Your House

Your monthly bills can increase by almost 20% if your house isn’t insulated properly. Identify the leaks in your home and prioritize weatherizing them. Most houses have air leaks near doors and windows, in attics or roofs, ceilings, and plumbing fixtures. Insulate these to increase the overall efficiency of your AC.

Use Appliances Wisely

Other electric units like dishwashers and ovens are excellent in increasing your home’s temperature. If you’re using your AC to cool your home, avoid using these appliances because they will have a counter effect.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

The compressor unit placed outside your home should never be neglected. Make sure to clean any leaves or debris that falls near it. If you’re mowing the lawn, make sure to do it in a manner that the compressor does not suck in any clippings. Several nifty covers are available online that can help avoid these problems, and you can easily purchase one.

Maintenance And Tune-ups

Maintenance and tune-up services are a must if you want to keep your system working efficiently. Ignoring postponing these will only reduce the efficiency and increase your bills. Hire a technician who can provide you with a regular maintenance contract.

We highly recommend the last point because it can make a huge impact on your HVAC system as a whole. Signing a maintenance contract will help save money and increase the lifespan of your AC. We recommend choosing Weather Masters, Inc. They provide affordable, long-lasting AC repair in Scottsdale or AC service in phoenix and surrounding areas. You can visit our website: AC companies in Phoenix or call (480) 832-9659.

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