How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC Unit


How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC Unit

How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC Unit

A leading cause of inefficiency in air conditioners is a lack of proper maintenance. Our team of highly skilled technicians can assist with air conditioner maintenance and AC service Mesa.

“Efficiency” is one of those buzzwords that one hears practically every day. Everyone strives to be more efficient in the performance of their jobs. Commercials for everything from cars to washing machines assure us that efficiency is something to be sought with relentless vigor.

What Does The Term “Efficient” Mean In This Scenario?

Simply put, efficiency is the ratio of how much work a system (such as an air conditioner) can do in relation to how much energy it consumes. To put it another way, how much does one have to put in to receive a certain amount of valuable output?

When it comes to air conditioning, efficiency is a very important and very relevant concept. Your AC’s efficiency not only has a direct impact on your energy bill, but an inefficient system is also detrimental to the environment.

Here are some tips for higher efficiency in your air conditioner:

Keep it Clean

A clogged or badly soiled filter is the main cause of diminished efficiency. Dust, leaves, bird feathers, and all sorts of other debris can get trapped in the filter. This, in turn, causes the AC to work harder in order to produce the same output.

Clean or replace air filters about once a month or so.

Turn up the Thermostat When You’re Not Home

The lovely cool air that ACs bless us with – like a crisp Arctic kiss – is the result of plenty of hard work behind the scenes.

Chemicals turn from liquid to gas and back to liquid again, fans propel the air, and a whole bunch of other processes takes place in order for us to enjoy maximum comfort. All these processes consume energy, so why waste it?

Turn up the thermostat by a degree or two when you leave for the office in the morning.

Make Use of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great for circulating cold air and consume less energy than an air conditioner that is left on permanently.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Depending on your AC unit’s individual settings, it will monitor the room’s indoor temperature and make adjustments based on what the thermostat reads.

Sun-facing rooms in which windows and blinds are left open during the day will heat up very quickly and force the AC to work much harder in order to cool down the room. Be sure to close windows and blinds during the day.

Insulate Ducts

Not all air conditioning systems have ducts, and they are mostly found in central AC systems. If ducts aren’t properly insulated, or there are cracks or holes, this can lead to a loss of inefficiency.

It can be tricky to find spots where the air is leaking, and it’s advisable to solicit the help of professionals. With 25 years of experience in the AC industry and AC companies Phoenix, you can trust us to take care of your air conditioner maintenance in Gilbert AZ.

Keep Heat Away From the Thermostat

As we mentioned earlier, the thermostat monitors the ambient temperature so that the AC can deliver optimal levels of cooling.

Heaters or furnaces in the vicinity of the thermostat will “trick” the system into believing that the room is warm, and it will work harder to cool it down again. This is a big no-no from an efficiency perspective.

An air conditioning system in need of maintenance won’t run at maximum efficiency. Why not give us a call for air conditioning repair Phoenix? Our number is (480) 832-9659. You’ll find other ways to get in touch on our Contact page.

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