HVAC Help: Common Issues and Solutions When Dealing with Your HVAC


HVAC Help: Common Issues and Solutions When Dealing with Your HVAC


No matter how expensive and quality-made your HVAC system is, there’s probably going to be an issue or two during the machine’s lifespan. HVAC problems and air conditioning repair Phoenix, Mesa, AZ is common, and sometimes the solutions are quite simple. In case you’re having a problem with your system right now, here are some common problems and solutions that might help you out!

Filter Change

You’d be surprised how many issues you get when you don’t change the filter of your HVAC. Some of the most common issues include things like:

  • Poor airflow
  • Foul odor
  • Increased noise
  • Doesn’t cool off/ warm-up room accurately

Though these issues seem minor and are at first, they can lead to major problems with your system. This includes the system failing to function permanently. These issues can be easily solved by changing out the filter of your HVAC system once every other month. Make sure you’re getting the right filter for your system, and dispose of the old one correctly.

Freezing up/ Leaking Water

Another common problem that you may experience is that your system may freeze up or leak water from time to time, especially in cooler temperatures. This is easily solved by turning off your system for a few hours, and then (if possible) opening the system up and chipping away the excess ice. You may also want to check the evaporator coil (for an AC unit) and make sure that it isn’t too dirty. An incredibly dirty evaporator coil reduces airflow, which causes water to build and leak or freeze.

HVAC problem in Mesa, AZ

Too Loud!

This is another unfortunate common problem. If your HVAC unit has become too loud it can create quite a disturbance in your household. It is suggested that you call a technician, but if you’re a die-hard DIY specialist, you can try and see if there is a problem in the return duct, if the equipment came oversized, or if the variable speed is correct. Though there isn’t much you can do about this problem, you can try to replace the HVAC equipment or duct, or adjust the variable speed on your unit.  If all fail, the product should be replaced.

High Electric Bill

During those hot summer months or those freezing winter days, you might notice a significant spike in your electric bill. This can be due to many factors, but if you know without a doubt that it is your unit, there are a few things you can do to help. These include:

  • Finding possible insulation problems in your home
  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning the unit completely
  • Ensuring that there is not a defect in the system.

Other than that, it is recommended that you call a technician for any outstanding problems, or replace the unit. It may just be the end of the unit’s lifespan.

Everyone is going to have problems with their HVAC system from time to time. Most problems are simple and can be solved by cleaning or changing the filter. Hopefully, knowing these common problems and solutions will help you solve your current air conditioning repair Scottsdale, Mesa, AZ with ease!

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