Snakes in Arizona

When you live in Arizona you never know what kinds of animals you will run into in your own backyard.

Our Technician Hector was performing an A/C inspection on a customers house this morning and ran across a snake that was drinking water from a leaking water faucet. It was right next to the A/C unit. Thankfully the snake just went on and minded his own business while our technician completed the inspection on the air conditioning unit. This is just one example why its so important to have you A/C unit inspected and serviced annually because you never know what damage is being done even by animals or pets.

A/C Maintenance and Repair in Mesa, AZ

How to Change an Air Filter in Mesa, AZ

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Here is a great video that shows you how to change your air filters in your house. You should check them every 30 days. If you are having any issues with your air conditioner in Mesa, AZ give us a call at 480-832-9659. For all your air conditioning needs in Mesa, AZ call Weather Masters!