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Indoor Air Quality in Phoenix, Mesa, Surprise, Arizona, and Surrounding Areas

Guide To Improving Indoor Air Quality In Residential Properties

Indoor air quality is what determines whether you’ll develop respiratory illnesses when you breathe the air in your home or have a comfortable indoor environment that you and the entire family will enjoy. The quality of air indoors can be affected by a number of things, including; how air is filtered, ventilation, dehumidification, humidification, heating, and cooling among other things.

Air Contaminants in a Typical Home

Tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes from cooking processes, carbon dioxide produced when the occupants of the house exhale, mold spores, dust, animal fur, clothing fibers, foul smells from the toilet, perfumes, and colognes, among others, are all contaminants. They can significantly contaminate the air circulating in a room and lower its IAQ.

Improving Indoor Air Quality at Home

indoor air qualityThere are numerous things that can be done to help improve the IAQ inside a building. First and foremost, air ducts in the building should be cleaned to get rid of impurities that may have settled in the ductwork. After cleaning, the air ducts should be properly sealed to prevent air contaminants from being sucked into the air supply system. Secondly, every component of the AC unit or furnace should be cleaned and air filters replaced. This can be done during routine maintenance.

An important step in IAQ improvement is the installation of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help control the level of humidity in the house at all times. Furthermore, a CO sensor should also be installed to check the level of carbon monoxide gas in the building to prevent CO poisoning.

Getting Professional Help

It is important for homeowners to always consult the experts when they need a given service. For instance, if you need IAQ services, you should consult a reputable HVAC company that’s licensed to operate in the area, and has NATE-certified technicians, to help you improve the quality of the air you breathe at home.

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