How to Keep Cool with a Broken AC

No one can really comprehend the fear that Arizona residents have of their AC going out on a hot summer’s day. If you’ve ever met someone who has lived in the Grand Canyon State for over 50 years, they might tell you that they used to just use fans and water to get through the summer. For the rest of us, however, we need our air conditioning, especially when the temperature reads 115 degrees.

First: Have you called Weather Masters? Our Mesa located team of air conditioning repair Phoenix can fix or install a new system in your home, fast. Waiting days to repair an air conditioner could mean heat-related injuries, especially in children and the elderly. There’s no need to suffer any further! Give us a call so you can put those frozen peas back in the freezer!

Second: Make sure to close all the doors and windows that could allow heat inside. This probably isn’t the best time to make a roast, so try and keep your oven and burners off for as long as possible. Enjoy cold meals of sandwiches, salads, ice water, popsicles, and fresh fruits instead of doing any actual cooking.

Third: Turning on your fans will help circulate air throughout the home, so be sure to find a comfy spot by your nearest 5-bladed friend. Make sure to stay hydrated and consider carrying around a spray bottle of water with you, to keep you cool. You may also want to take a few showers throughout the day to counteract all the heat.

Fourth: Stay downstairs. Since heat rises, you and your family are better off downstairs, even laying on the ground than upstairs! The warm air is less dense than the cooler air, so the lower you go, the better you’ll feel.