Keeping Cool Before Emergency Air Conditioning Repair


Keeping Cool Before Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

It’s every valley resident’s worst fear: the air conditioner buckles during the warmest part of the year and leaves you stranded to the elements. These conditions are not only uncomfortable, but they can also quickly become dangerous. Here are some simple tips to keep you cool this summer in the event of an emergency.

AC service Mesa should be your first option, although most of us shudder at the idea of costly maintenance. Weather Masters, Inc. will quickly respond to your service request and have your AC running again without charging you exorbitant fees. Schedule an appointment now for an immediate consultation.

One of the best ways to keep your body cool all summer is by keeping yourself properly hydrated. Drink water frequently throughout the day, especially in the event where no air conditioning is available. You may also consider adding cucumbers, lemon, or mint to make it more refreshing.

Construction workers are experts at keeping cool, so take a page out of their book. Find a bandana and soak it in cool water and wear it around your forehead. Alternatively, grab yourself a soaked rag and apply it to the back of your neck. This area of the body, when cooled, has a full-body effect.

Spray bottles will be your best friend. Providing instant relief, a cheap plastic spray bottle available at virtually any supermarket can cool you down quickly when applied to your exposed skin. For an added effect, store this bottle in the fridge before use.

Sleeping hot? Air conditioning might not seem as essential during the cooler nights but the heat from the afternoon can linger. Take advantage of any ceiling and floor fans to improve air circulation. The type of sheets you use on your bed might also be contributing to the heat. You may want to use satin sheets during the hottest months of the year – this fabric style sleeps cooler and retains less of your body heat throughout the night.

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