Kick off Summer With Three Fun Ideas!


Kick off Summer With Three Fun Ideas!

Kick-off Summer With Three Fun Ideas!

Weather Masters,Inc.

Make this summer fun with great home decorating and entertaining tips from Weather Masters, Inc. Our local business has more than 25 years of experience with AC companies Phoenix. It’s not a question about experience or quality, you’re going to love our services and small-business approach to treating customers right. Here are some great ideas to get your summer started on a bright note.

  • Spruce up the back patio. Get the backyard and patio area ready for activity and social time. Remove the grill cover and wash it down thoroughly, remember to scrape out inside and check gas levels in your tank. Wash down patio furniture and sweep the patio. Consider planting additional cacti or other desert-friendly plants to add interest in the yard. If your patio furniture looks “tired” or sunbleached, there are a couple of options to try before replacement. First, spray paint for patio furniture can cover up dry looks or dirt that won’t come off. Check the formula for your material. There are sprays for plastics, metals, wicker, and wood. Another way to renew the look of your patio furniture is to replace or recover pillows and cushions. If you have a pool, make sure it’s ready to be used.
  • Create an interesting focal point in the kitchen with a beverage mixing tray. Start by putting away clutter and clearing the counters of anything unnecessary. If you keep a blender, mixer, or other small appliance on the counter, it can add to the visual clutter. Ask yourself how often you really use that item and if it could be just as handy if it was tucked away on the shelf below. You’ll gain counter space for food preparation and have a cleaner line in your kitchen by removing these extras. Next, use a colorful platter or a classic tray to create your beverage station for the family and guests. Make a pitcher of pink lemonade or iced tea. Slice some strawberries, lemons, or your favorite fruit. Put these on the tray in small bowls with spoons for everyone to make their own fruit tea or lemonade with ice.
  • Make the home comfortable by getting maintenance or air conditioning repair Scottsdale, Chandler, AZ from Weather Masters, Inc. Be ready for the day-to-day and any entertaining with guests without having to worry about bumps and unusual sounds or other inconveniences from a faulty AC. Our expert technician will arrive on time and quickly diagnose your repair needs, giving you the information to make the right decision. When you take care of repairs with our team, you have a labor guarantee and the certainty knowing your AC will work every day you need it.

Weather Masters, Inc. has the experience you can rely on and the reputation for quality work that makes us a success. Get the repairs taken care of now and don’t delay. All work is performed by our experts on air conditioning repair Phoenix, Chandler, AZ by calling (480) 832-9659 today.

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