Make the Perfect Summer Birthday Event With Help From Weather Masters, Inc.


Make the Perfect Summer Birthday Event With Help From Weather Masters, Inc.

Weather Masters,Inc.

If you have a birthday party to throw this summer, make it a special celebration family and friends will remember. Here are some fun and easy-to-implement ideas that will mark the occasion and help things go smoothly:

  • Make sure dessert plans are creative and tasty. Order a cake from your local baker or try this fun idea! Make an ice cream sundae bar for guests. Start by making a few desserts that can hold the birthday candles. Brownies or a white sheet cake are great to cut into small squares to top the ice cream. Use small bowls and spoons to set out your toppings. The birthday boy or girl can weigh in on their favorites. Classics include crushed oreo cookies, chopped peanuts, hot fudge, sprinkles, and crushed candy bars.
  • Pick a tasteful color theme to plan your decorations. A subtle combination of lilac and grey will suit an adult while a bright orange and yellow are good for a child’s birthday. Look for plates, tablecloths, and streamers to set the color tone. You can always tie in neutral-colored items you already own to set off the bright or pastel shades.
  • Send invites to guests using Evite, Facebook, or another email or social media-based invitation system. You’ll save on paper and postage and get a faster response from guests.
  • Prepare the home for the event! Everyone in the family should do their share in tidying up their clutter. Make it a contest to see who can gather the most items, first starting with their own and then helping other family members.
  • Create a place for guests to set down personal items like purses, jackets, and personal items. Use a neatly made bed in one of the bedrooms or an entry closet to hold guests’ items.
  • Decide where you want to host each stage of the event. Have a plan in mind where you want guests to place gifts whether it’s on the backyard picnic table or the coffee table in the living room. Have plenty of room for people to mingle and talk while standing along with seating areas.
  • Keep the weather in mind. If a hot day is likely, plan on the party taking place indoors. Make sure the house is ready for hosting by getting AC installation phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ from Weather Masters, Inc. Guests will be able to focus on the event instead of feeling uncomfortable when your AC is new and running smoothly.

Hosting a fun birthday party is easy when you follow these steps. Guests will enjoy the thoughtfulness you put into hosting. All the little details add up to a fun and enjoyable setting. You’ll make the day for the birthday boy or girl with these ideas. If you need help with air conditioning repair in Phoenix, call AC companies Phoenix at (480) 832-9659 today.

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