The Mesa AC Repair Expert’s Guide to Duct Replacement


The Mesa AC Repair Expert’s Guide to Duct Replacement

Ducts are one of the most important aspects of cooling and heating your home. More times than not, however, ducts are overlooked during the construction of a new home. This causes a shorter lifespan for ducts, leading to leaks in the system as the air starts to flow where it’s not supposed to. Properly sealing these ducts is another common mistake contractors make during installation.

When these problems occur, homeowners are faced with the option of repairing or replacing their ducts. In most cases, a quick repair can fix some of the smaller problems. In older houses or in houses where ducts were poorly installed, homeowners are forced to replace their ducts completely.

For AC service Mesa and duct replacement experts like Weather Masters, Inc. duct replacement is a relatively easy process. After removing the faulty ducts, the HVAC technician sets mounting rings for the ductwork and screws them in place. Once the ducts have been lined and connected, duct tape is used at each end of the insulation in order to increase effectiveness. Once the technician is finished, a simple system test is implemented.

While some homeowners have been successful in their efforts of making duct replacement a weekend DIY project, it’s important to know that this job requires specific skills and knowledge only HVAC companies possess. Replacing your own ducts can be dangerous work, which is why you should always consult with a company like Weather Masters, Inc. before getting yourself into a messy situation.

If you think your ducts need to be replaced, call Weather Masters, Inc. today for Mesa AZ air conditioner repair at (480) 832-9659.

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