Possible Repairs If Your AC Stops Working?


Possible Repairs If Your AC Stops Working?

If the temperature in your home rises, you need to act quickly to keep it cool. Most people feel comfortable at 74°F. But, when the weather gets hot in Phoenix, Arizona, it affects your comfort, sleep, and work efficiency. So, if your Air Conditioning unit stops working, what can you do?

Firstly, don’t panic about what you are doing! When your AC system is not working, it becomes more important to hire a trained air conditioning repair in Scottsdale.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning cooling system does not necessarily mean expensive repairs or time to replace it. Many heating and cooling systems have built-in protections to prevent internal damage to the system. In many cases, a defective air conditioning system is a temporary condition that can be repaired within a few hours. Follow the steps below to start the AC comfortably and quickly: 

Check Your Thermostat

First, make sure your thermostat is in cooling mode, and the setpoint is lower than room temperature. Next, check to make sure your program settings are correct, set to cool and not to heating, and auto mode. Also, check the battery of the thermostat. Then, check if your thermostat is showing an error. Smart thermostats usually have warnings or notifications to let you know what is going on.

Check the Duct Connections

If you have access to the ducts, make sure the seal looks good and is visible. Also, check that no insulation has fallen away. In houses with lower house access, organisms often used these as nesting materials. As a result, it is not uncommon to see holes and separate areas.

Check the Filter

An exceptionally clogged filter will affect the system performance, slowing down the system speed and making the airflow feel weaker. If your filter looks dirty, replace it and see if it can improve airflow. If not, the clogged filter may have accumulated dust in the air ducts that require professional cleaning. Look for air conditioning repair in Phoenix service to guide you in replacing and checking the filter in your AC unit.

Check the Circuit Breaker

It is not rare for circuit breakers to trip. If nothing happens with your AC unit, make sure that the circuit is not tripped or closed. If it is, flip it back on and see if your AC unit is working again.

Report & Share What You See and Feel

If you are professional with a lack performance issue with your air conditioning, make a note and write down what you see and hear on your device. Is it turning on and immediately turning off? Is your AC blowing hot air inside the house? Make a strange noise? Completely dead? These observations can help technicians think about possible causes. So, they know what to check first when they arrive.

So before searching for air conditioning repair in Scottsdale, check for these methods to check whether your AC system is working again or not.

Finally, if all other methods fail, turn off your AC unit and call Weather Masters, Inc. Don’t wait to contact us at (480) 832-9659 for fast AC service in Phoenix Valley.

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