Prepare Your A/C for Summer Months in Mesa and Phoenix Valley


Prepare Your A/C for Summer Months in Mesa and Phoenix Valley

Our temperatures continue to be above normal here in Mesa and throughout the Phoenix Valley and before you know it you will be running your air conditioner around the clock. While the A/C is necessary, you will want to do everything you can to keep it affordable. According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home takes up more than 54% of your utility bill. However, there are ways to minimize these costs. We have gathered up some of these tips to help you crank that A/C with the least amount of guilt possible.


Turn the temperature down on your thermostat so it reaches the “cool” setting. Within moments, your A/C should turn on and provide a stream of ample cooling. If not, you should, first of all, replace the batteries, if it still does not come on then it may be time for a call to the service repairman.


After many months without use, you need to change the air filter. The typical A/C filter needs to be changed once a month for optimal performance. A filter acts as a barricade between debris and the Mesa AZ air conditioner repair mechanism, so it is vital to keep it clean. Those with allergies should be particularly mindful of their filter change frequency.


Since the outside unit is susceptible to the elements, it is important to closely inspect and clean it. Clear out any obstruction on the grills and around the unit. Make sure to power the unit down entirely then spray the air conditioner coils with a hose. If the unit is very dirty you may need to contact a service repairman to clean it professionally.


Central air conditioning units have evaporator coils that deposit moisture which needs to be eliminated from the unit. A condensation pipe then transports the water away into a drainage area by either gravity or a motor pump. Make sure this pipe is free of any dirt or blockage. If the fluid backs into your air conditioning repair Phoenix it can incur expensive damages and if leaks occur they could cause damages to your home.

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