Reduce Your Footprint: The Secret Of Efficiency In Modern AC Units


Reduce Your Footprint: The Secret Of Efficiency In Modern AC Units

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With the sweltering heat of summer in Scottsdale, AZ, an air conditioning unit in your home and workplace has become almost an essential part of life. However, it is important that your new AC installation and air conditioning repair Scottsdale provides you with an efficient and environmentally friendly unit.

When speaking about cost, utility bills matter. These costs can diminish greatly through the installation of a more efficient unit, which is great! There is another cost that often gets forgotten, the cost to the environment.

With growing pollutants and greenhouse gases, looking after our planet has never been so important. At the same time, we all need a way to stay cool. What on earth could the solution be? Easy, all you need is an efficient, modern-day air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning system technology is advancing as we speak and newer systems now provide higher efficiency alongside higher quality features. Tighter environmental and efficiency regulations are now in place across America. Read on to find out why having an air conditioning unit replaced by a trusted AC installation service Scottsdale AZ is a great idea.


By paying attention to how efficient your new air conditioning unit is, various benefits can be observed. Doing this is easy if you choose an AC installation Phoenix that is in the know when it comes to efficiency.

We all know that our AC units consume electricity. The problem is that most of the world’s electricity is still generated from sources that are not the best for the environment. It makes sense then, that reducing this energy load as much as possible limits our effect on the planet. Not only that, it saves us money in the long term by reducing energy consumption and utility bills

There are now high standards when it comes to air conditioning units. SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings) predict how efficient and how much of a potential impact your new unit can have on the environment.

Generally, a professional AC installation service in Scottsdale, AZ will help you choose, install and maintain the unit with the highest SEER rating possible for your home.

Harmful Gases

The installation of air conditioning units has become a commonplace event throughout the last decade. Due to this increase, detrimental effects have been seen on the planet’s health. More specifically, when it comes to the ozone layer.

In the past, the refrigerants used for air conditioning units released harmful substances. A prime example of this is HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), which has a damaging effect on the ozone layer. Just another reason why the right AC installation service in Scottsdale AZ will make all the difference.

America is one of the lead innovators when it comes to reducing its impact on the environment. Recent new regulations were released, which ensure that AC units contain no substances that could potentially harm the environment.

Where Can I Find An AC Installation Service Scottsdale AZ That Can Do This?

Are you looking for an AC companies Phoenix to offer you all the benefits of a normal installation, at an affordable price? Of course, you also expect that the unit is best-friends with mother nature?

Well, you are at the right place. The best thing about it is, getting started is as simple as visiting our Contact Us page, or placing a call to (480) 832-9659.

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