Benefits of the SEER Calculator

How efficient thinking adds up to big savings.

Heating and cooling can account for more than half of your home’s total utility bill.* So when looking for ways to cut your energy costs, be sure to think about a high-efficiency system. High-efficiency systems are easily identified by reading the yellow-and-black EnergyGuide label found on the equipment.


How a Higher SEER Rating on your AC Can Save You Money

Anyone who’s spent time in the hot, dry Arizona summer knows how important an efficiently-working air conditioning unit is. Sometimes it can seem like you’re running the AC non-stop. Over time, those bills add up. The HVAC pros at Weather Masters Plumbing, Heating, and AC can help answer your questions about high-efficiency air conditioning units, and make sure that your unit is in the best working condition possible.

What Does SEER Mean?

SEER is an air conditioning rating system which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER rating of an air conditioning unit is derived by dividing the cooling output of the air conditioner, measured in BTUs, by the energy used over the cooling period, as measured in watt-hours. The resulting number equals your equipment’s SEER rating. Standard industry ratings range from 13 to 25.

If you’re unsure what your unit’s individual rating is, don’t worry. Calculation is simple. Weather Masters provides a SEER calculator to help you figure it out.

Why a Higher SEER Rating is Better

A SEER rating is a simple ratio. That means that as the numbers involved in the ratio improve, so do the end results. The SEER rating shows how many BTUs are need to cool your residential or commercial space, and how much energy it takes to produce that energy over a given time period. Simply put, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your AC unit is running. What this means for you is a lower yearly utility bill and equipment that doesn’t have to work as hard to produce great results.

Demanding the Most Out of Your AC

The professionals at Weather Masters maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. We have 25 years of industry-leading experience working with all types of air conditioning repair Phoenix to retrofitting existing HVAC systems. We can keep your current AC system running smoothly and efficiently or we can help to install a new, high-efficiency unit.