The Great Melt: Knowing When To Repair And When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit


The Great Melt: Knowing When To Repair And When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

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You find yourself at home – the temperature outside is gradually rising to leave you feeling trapped.

You’re apprehensive about turning on your air conditioning unit because you know it’s inefficient and causes your utility bills to skyrocket. Eventually, nothing can be done about it, you get up and make your way to the thermostat.

DANG! First, it’s inefficient now it’s not even turning on. You may find yourself wondering what the heck is the point of having an air conditioning unit that doesn’t work!

Well, we agree with you but all you need is to call in air conditioning repair Phoenix to help you with the important decisions to come.

Should You Repair Again Or Is It Time To Consider Replacement

When you first buy an air conditioning unit you have high hopes that it will last a lifetime. As awesome as these would-be air conditioning units are not built to handle that, which is why over time replacing your unit may be the most affordable option.

You may not be willing to throw in the towel yet but here are a few tips to help you recognize when it is finally time to replace your air conditioning unit instead of repairing it.

Consider The Age Of The Unit

Has your air conditioning unit broken downtime and time again? The first thing you should ask yourself before you decide to repair it is how old is my cooling unit?

If you don’t remember the answer then for more reasons than just the repair bill it should be time to go shopping for a new air conditioning unit.

How Much Money Are You Spending On Repairs

When it comes to cooling units, repairs are completely normal. In fact, it would be absurd to have a cooling unit for an extended period of time and not get any repairs done on her.

At the same time, there is a point where enough is enough. We generally advise our customers of the $5000.00 rule. This is when getting your air conditioning unit repaired, take the repair bill and multiply it by the unit’s age.

If the resulting number is greater than $5000.00 – a more affordable option for you for the long term may be to get a new cooling unit.

What Happens If You Don’t Want To Repair

If your air conditioning unit is fairly new and these above-mentioned do not apply to you then that is perfectly all right. It is important to schedule regular maintenance check-ups and ensure that you hire upstanding air conditioning repair experts Mesa and the air conditioning repair Scottsdale team to help you when you need it.

Choosing The Right Team For Your Home

When it comes to looking into air conditioning services you need a service you can trust. A service that can prepare you for the summer days and eradicate any chances of your cooling unit stranding you in the heat.

You need a team like us and to get us is simple. All you have to do is call us at (480) 832-9659 and we will take care of the rest for you.

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