Troubleshooting your Gas Hot Water Heater


Troubleshooting your Gas Hot Water Heater

Heating replacement Mesa, AZJust like any other type of water heater, a gas hot water heater needs to be maintained, repaired, and replaced when and if it develops a problem. Heating replacement and heating services Phoenix AZ projects on such units are comparatively risky and should be handled with due diligence. For the many years, we have been in this business, we have repaired, maintained, and replaced various types of water heaters, including gas heaters. As such, you should trust our expertise when we say that these are some of the most dangerous units if maintained or repaired inappropriately. The problem, in this regard, is the gas itself; if the gas leaks during maintenance or repair service, it could get ignited and cause an explosion.

This being the case, you should leave this work to skilled heating replacement contractors. Some of the gas heater parts that often require repair and replacement services include anode rods, dip tubes, drain valves, and pressure relief valves. Regardless of the part that is malfunctioning, you should not try to repair or replace it, if you do not have the required skills. Instead, you should contact us for a thorough troubleshooting and subsequent repair or replacement of the faulty part. The following are the commonest signs that your water heating system needs repair or replacement services:

You No Longer Have Hot Water

When this happens, you should first check whether the pilot light is on. The thermostat in your water heating system serves as a safety feature. As such, no gas will be delivered to the heater, through the valve, if the pilot light is not on. In such a case, you should give us a call for a thorough inspection and possible water heater replacement Phoenix.

Heating replacement Mesa, AZ

The Pilot Light Does Not Remain On

For the many units we have dealt with in the past, this problem was caused by a faulty thermocouple. In other cases, though rare, this problem may be caused by a malfunctioning gas valve or a clogged vent. The surest way to tell what is causing the problem is to have the unit inspected by professionals, like the skilled and experienced ones we have at Weather Masters, Inc. Again, the problem should only be fixed by such professionals for improved efficiency, reliability, and safety.

The Burner Does Not Remain Lit

Just like in the above case, this may also be a result of a faulty thermocouple. While this is the main cause of this problem, it may also be caused by other things. As such, it is advisable to call a reputable heating repair and replacement contractor the moment you discover this malfunction.

Many things can go wrong with your gas water heater.  While some people may advise you to troubleshoot the problem and even try to repair the unit on your own, this is a risky undertaking for you and your family. As such, you should entrust the troubleshooting and heating contractor Phoenix AZ work to our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable heating, repair, and replacement professionals by calling us on (480) 832-9659.

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