Uber Offering AC Delivery in NYC


Uber Offering AC Delivery in NYC

How would you like to have the air conditioning on demand? New York City residents will soon be able to have brand spanking new air conditioning units delivered right to their door. Thanks to upstart cab company Uber, technologically savvy New Yorkers will soon become the coolest people in town.

New York is very temperamental, and we’re not just talking about the guy who barely missed the train. The average weather conditions in NYC range from freezing cold to sweltering heat – meaning possession of an air conditioner won’t quite solve all your problems. In fact, a healthy number of apartments don’t even include them altogether.

Seeing a lucrative market ahead, Uber is teaming up with companies including GE and Quirky to deliver the goods this summer. Uber users in New York can keep cool just by entering a promotion code, delivering cool comfort to your apartment for $300 – no matter if you’re on the first floor or at the top of your building.

These Mesa AZ air conditioner repairs have a brain behind them too. The system will monitor the habits of its users, chart energy usage, and even suggest ways in which to conserve energy and save money. That’s a seriously cool way to beat the heat and save a little green in the process!

There is a catch, however – consumers will be responsible for installation. Take it from us – the internet alone is not enough for the inexperienced to take on a new DIY project. These heavy units require some practical knowledge before they start billowing cool air into their new dwellings.

For questions on how we can help deliver your new AC unit, contact us today!

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