Wether Master Services Heaters in Mesa


Wether Master Services Heaters in Mesa

When your heater stops working properly, it disrupts your peace of mind as your comfort and that of your family are at stake. What you need is a reliable technician to fix the situation as soon as possible. Weather Masters, Inc. has provided trustworthy heater service and heating services Phoenix AZ, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and nearby communities since 1983. Heaters generally last for a long time, but as they age they can experience a variety of problems. When you see something wrong, we’ll come out to assess the situation and get your heater working properly again.

Signs That You May Need Service

Heater problems can creep up or appear suddenly, but when they do appear, it’s best to have a  professional look at the unit and diagnose the problem. Signs that your heater needs servicing include a gradual or sudden increase in utility costs, thermostat malfunctions, cracked or broken parts, funny noises, and odd smells. Attending to these problems promptly is essential for your heater’s operation as well as for your safety.

Maintain Your Heater to Save Money

If you haven’t given your heater some tender loving care through periodic tune-ups, you’re throwing away potential savings. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep it running efficiently and is also the best way to prevent expensive repairs. Heaters that accumulate dirt and debris worker harder to keep you comfortable, so they aren’t as energy-efficient. Dirty heaters are also prone to breakdowns, which always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Proper maintenance involves cleaning all working parts and lubricating them, if necessary. We’ll also look for cracked or worn parts and recommend repairs before the cost becomes too high.

Our goal at heating contractor Phoenix AZ is to keep our customers happy and comfortable. Call us today at (480) 832-9659 to schedule your heater service appointment.

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