What to Expect When Signing an Annual Maintenance Program


What to Expect When Signing an Annual Maintenance Program

What to Expect When Signing an Annual Maintenance Program

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Many homeowners tend to forget when to have their air conditioners maintained, especially after the summer is over. This being the case, you should consider signing an annual maintenance agreement with a professional air conditioner maintenance and air conditioning repair Phoenix, Gilbert, AZ contractor. This way, you will not have to remember when to have the system maintained from time to time. Instead, it will become the responsibility of the HVAC contractor to remember when the system should be maintained and offer the required HVAC maintenance services on your system. If you have been using an air conditioner for a while now, you already are aware of the many benefits regular maintenance has to offer.

Having been in this business for many years, we know that regular AC maintenance on and off-season is required to enhance the reliability, efficiency, durability, and performance of the system. However, you should only sign an annual maintenance plan from renowned HVAC contractors with experienced and qualified maintenance experts, such as the ones we have at Weather Masters, Inc. So, what should expect from your preferred contractor after signing this agreement?

Regular Maintenance Visits

If you have signed our annual maintenance agreement, you will not need to remind us when to have the system maintained. Our professionals will visit your home on the pre-scheduled dates to offer maintenance services to your heating and cooling system. While a single maintenance visit by the professionals can restore the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system, air conditioners should be maintained at least two times a year.

The leading air conditioning contractors Phoenix today offer an array of annual AC maintenance plans, some of which allow homeowners to make annual payments for the various maintenance services carried out on their heating and cooling systems throughout the year. Mentioned below are some of the maintenance tasks you should expect from the contractor during maintenance visits.


On every maintenance visit, our knowledgeable air conditioner maintenance Gilbert, AZ technicians will inspect the system and diagnose for the commonest air conditioning systems. By so doing, the professionals can uncover repair problems and fix them in time. This makes the system more reliable as they make the system less likely to malfunction or break down during the summer.

Tuning and Cleaning

The efficiency and performance levels of your AC are bound to decline with time, especially in systems that are not regularly maintained. It is for this reason that our technicians will fine-tune the various AC components to ensure that they are delivering optimal performance and enhance the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.

In addition to these important maintenance tasks, professional AC maintenance technicians will also clean the various AC parts and components thoroughly. The accumulation of dirt and debris on the various AC components, such as the ductwork and the air filter will affect the performance and efficiency of your system; hence the need for regular cleaning by professionals.

If you are looking for an HVAC contractor to hire for the annual maintenance of your system, you should settle for nothing short of the best. To gain insight into our renowned air conditioner maintenance AC service Mesa, Gilbert, AZ program, call us today at (480) 832-9659.

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