Why Should I Service My Air Conditioning System?


Why Should I Service My Air Conditioning System?

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Proper maintenance will ensure that your HVAC unit is ready to keep you cool during those hot summer nights. How else are you supposed to get any rest? Don’t get caught in a sticky situation that could’ve been avoided with the proper air conditioning maintenance and AC service Mesa, AZ.

Why Is It Important?

The first reason is that you’re ensuring proper functioning, especially when you need it the most. Your air conditioning is the most important appliance for you and your family during the summer. Giving it a wholesome maintenance service before you turn it on is the best policy.

We’ll mention that the second reason you should service your AC regularly is the improvement of its efficiency. You should aim for one or two yearly maintenance services to optimize functioning. There are experts who say that every full unserved year of operation will lower your air conditioning’s efficiency by 5%. Its performance will be compromised by small particles such as fur, dust, and dirt buildup in the air filters and the evaporating coils. Maintaining your ducts and air filters clean will enhance your system’s ability to cool the house down.

air conditioning maintenance in Mesa AZ

The third is that you can avoid bigger problems in the future by identifying them when regular service is done. During the winter, your air conditioning system suffers wear or damage. Having an expert inspect your entire system in the spring while it’s not in use will allow them to identify any of this damage or wear that needs repair. If the damage isn’t addressed and repaired, this could potentially cause major failure and more costly repairs. Remember that you want it to work without any hiccups for the rest of the season.

The fourth reason is that an air conditioner in good working condition will be able to additionally dehumidify and potentially free your home of allergens. To avoid muggy indoor weather, clean and service your air conditioner properly to avoid mold or dust buildup.

What’s The Best Solution?

The solution for this is preventative maintenance for your AC needs. There are a couple of different ways you can obtain this service. Many AC companies Phoenix will offer annual servicing contracts, and this can have a number of benefits. The first one is that you have a flat rate for your yearly maintenance, so you can live without fearing your air conditioning will suddenly stop working.

The second one is that getting a contract will give you more coverage: if there’s anything wrong with your unit in between your scheduled maintenance visits, you won’t have to pay full price for repairs that need to be done.

Remember, your maintenance company is interested in your air conditioning units and your health. We are interested in providing the best AC service Phoenix AZ for you. Call (480) 832-9659 and try it yourself.

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