Why We Love Insulation (And You Should Too!)

Those scorching hot summer months in Arizona can keep your air conditioner working overtime. With average temperatures hitting triple-digits, skyrocketing energy bills are commonplace. You might be able to save more on your next energy bill by improving the insulation of your home.

Some people believe insulation is only designed to keep their homes warm in the winter time, but people from the valley often know better. Poor ventilation of your home can keep your air conditioner working harder than necessary and cost you a small fortune. Cool air seeps through cracks like doors, windows and other areas of your home – many of which are invisible to the naked eye. This places additional strain on your air conditioner as it works to replace the air its constantly losing – which adds up to big bucks.

Your home’s attic can retain a crazy amount of heat – poorly insulated attics can reach temperatures well over 130-degrees! This heat will transfer to parts of your home and make conditions unbearable without proper air conditioning. Insulation plays a valuable role in blocking this heat out altogether.

Insulation gets a huge boost from air-sealing airways of your home. We’ll ensure any leaks in your home are properly sealed so you retain the cool temperatures generated by your air conditioner. Sealing your home and upgrading your insulation are terrific investments that quickly pay off as the heat rises.

It always helps to consult with reputable air conditioning repair companies like Weather Masters when determining your insulation options. Rather than selling you on the latest products and services, we’ll give you an honest evaluation.

Tired of surrendering to oppressive heat and energy bills? Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us to evaluate your insulation needs this summer.